Our Holistic Vet - Richard Allport

Our Holistic Vet


Richard Allport is Diet' Dog's veterinarian consultant in the UK. He shares with us his thorough knowledge of herbs and plants and years of vet experience. Richard has approved all our products.

About Richard

Richard Allport, BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS has been a vet for forty years, and has had a special interest in herbal and other natural medicines for pets for thirty years. Since 1996 he has treated pets with acupuncture, herbs and homoeopathy at his referral centre at Potters Bar in Hertfordshire and at Bayswater in London. Richard also writes and broadcasts about natural therapies for pets; his latest book is ‘Heal Your Dog the Natural Way’. Richard has two Bedlington Terriers called Jamjar and Frankie.

What Richard says

We and our pets are under constant attack from pollutants in the water we drink, the air we breathe and the soil our food is grown in. In our homes we are susceptible to electromagnetic stress from our electrical appliances, especially from computers and mobile phones. Our pets may not suffer the emotional stresses and strains of daily life that we do, but they are sensitive creatures who are affected by our feelings and emotions. As pets get older, body tissues deteriorate and need replacing, and there are special nutrient needs for young and growing animals, those with immune system weaknesses, during pregnancy and lactation, and in many other areas. Most pets are fed on dried or tinned, highly processed food, and have little in the way of fresh, natural nutrients. For all these reasons, supplements of herbs, minerals and vitamins are often not just advisable, but essential, to achieve and maintain optimum health for your pet.

In the Diet' Dog range of herbal supplements you will find high quality herbs and nutritive supplements that can make a real difference to the health and well being of your pet – for the young and the old, for extra energy or for stiff joints, and from itchy skin on the outside to upset tummies on the inside.

have no hesitation in recommending the Diet' Dog range – these products have been carefully formulated to give best results, haven’t been adulterated by the addition of artificial colourings and other chemicals, are manufactured to a high standard with best quality ingredients, and are presented as palatable granules which can be mixed with food.

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